Get your virtual answering machine for $15 (USD), £ 15 (GBP) or € 12 (EUR) per month.

Cloud Answering

Cloud Answering Machine gives you a virtual, hosted phone number, that takes messages for you.
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Incoming phone calls to your number will be recorded, and the recordings will be transcribed, and emailed to you, to listen to in your own time. You can choose a phone number from anywhere in the world, so you can retain your local presence, or even assume an international presence

Do you simply not have the time to answer your phone calls?, would you prefer to handle your calls when you have time, rather than calls interrupting your work? Getting a virtual answering machine allows you to separate low value calls from your important phone calls. Having a second phone number for low priority calls is precisely what you need.
For a fixed monthly fee of $15 (USD), £ 15 (GBP) or € 12 (EUR) per month for life, means there are no hidden costs, and no nasty surprises. We deliver your voicemail to you via email, so you don't need to check your answering machine for messages. There are no storage limitations, so even if you receive a big volume of calls, it won't run out of space.
You can select any phone number you wish, from anywhere in the world. We would normally recommend that you select a number that is local to where you are, so that people who call you will pay local rates. However, if you wish to assume an international presence, you can always select a phone number in Silicon valley, London, or Hong Kong.
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Save Time

Stop being interrupted by unimportant calls, keep your distractions to a minimum, and handle your calls when you have time.

Save money

You don't need to buy a second mobile phone, or landline, you just get notified via email whenever you get a voicemail

What we offer

Quick setup

Select the number you want, and we will have your number provisioned within 24 hours

No Contract

Unlike a landline phone provider, you can choose to leave us whenever you need.

Simple billing

Get your virtual answering machine for $15 (USD), £ 15 (GBP) or € 12 (EUR) per month.

SMS support

Get notified if someone sends a text to your new number


Dealing with people you don't fully trust?, don't share your personal number with them.


Create a second WhatsApp account using the SMS feature of this service


Create an account with us, and select the phone number you want.


Get your virtual answering machine for $15 (USD), £ 15 (GBP) or € 12 (EUR) per month.

In 24 hours your number is ready

We will provision your number, and all calls and texts to this number will be recorded and forwarded to your email.

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Developer Friendly

If you'd like to have your incoming calls or inbound SMS messages integrated with your CRM system, or customer support systems, then you can call our API:API.asmx. Feel free to read our documentation: PDF.

API Available